Robotile is a challenging, turn based, strategy board game for two players. Designed for people who enjoy intellectual games of perfect information (like Chess, Go, Checkers, Hex etc), the game features a new approach of the classic board game mechanics enhanced by high quality 3D graphics.

Robotile leaves nothing to chance - only those who can achieve well planned strategies and tactical thinking can master the game.


Lead your Robot to victory, either by dominating the virtual arenas or by turning your opponent to junk by punching. Use the Robot skills to support your strategic plan. Challenge other players via online, cross-platform multiplayer mode, play with your friend on the same device or play against the six different Bots with AI of four different skill levels: Pebbles the pure, Botkin the rebel, Roz the boz, Andruid protector of the forest of cables, Pantec the hooligan and the mighty Emperor the most advanced Bot, up until now. Also, there are rumors amongst the droids, that a Bot of the most extreme skill is on development...




- Offline mode ( 1 vs 1, or vs AI)

- Online, cross-platform, multiplayer mode

- 20 arenas

- 6 different Robots

- 4 AI skill levels

- 3 top down cameras

- High quality 3D graphics

- Comprehensive tutorial

- Engaging music



Future Updates:


There are tons of ideas about how the game can be expanded with new features, modes, robots etc. Whether these will become a reality, will depend on the game's reception, popularity and feedback. So if you enjoy the game and you want it to be expanded please rate, comment, send us your feedback and spread the word.

These updates can be:

- Online ranking system and tournament mode

- Single player campaign (story) mode

- Lucky mode - featuring mechanics that will spice up the game with random events and chaos

- New skills

- Boards of varying sizes and hundreds of new arenas

- New robots

- New AI skill levels

- Voice acting

- And many more....